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Conference Background and Targets 


In alignment with Agenda 2063, the Center for Global Africa (CGA), at Delaware State University (DSU) and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) of the African Union (AU) signed a 2018 Partnership Accord based on shared heritage, interlocking interests, and the longstanding need to implement Pan-African ideals.


The alliance aims to formulate structural designs for Historically Black Colleges Universities (HBCUs), industry partners, and Diaspora stakeholders to contribute to Africa’s development as per the AU’s historic designation of the Diaspora as the Sixth Region.  The Conference will focus on executing Africa-Diaspora initiatives to accelerate Agenda 2063 while simultaneously advancing Diaspora interests.  The objective is to concretize official CGA-APRM frameworks for enterprising 2-way transactional activities to create "The Africa We Want and the 6th Region We Want."  Themes include:

  • Innovations in Food and Seed Security and Agricultural Value Chains

  • Good Governance, Economic Growth, Trade, and Productivity

  • Reimaging Africa and Bridging the Africa-Diaspora Divide via Youth, Media, and Pan-African Platforms


Understanding the need for informational clarity and common starting-points to bridge Africa-Diaspora engagements, subject experts will explain functions, opportunities, and interrelated workings between the African Union (AU); the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM); Agenda 2063the 6th RegionAfrican Governance ArchitectureAfrican Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA); the Center for Global Africa (CGA); Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs);  the 1890 Land Grant HBCUs and their Association of Research Directors (ARD); and Bold Transformations 2025 which is an ARD initiative to improve global food security, health, nutrition and environmental conditions. 


Information and presentations will facilitate institutional integrations to merge human and resource capital for joint Africa-Diaspora development in ways that are problem solving, capacity building, revenue generating, and mutually beneficial.