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The Center for Global Africa (CGA) is an academic think tank incubated at Delaware State University  (DSU) with satellite partners in Africa and throughout the Diaspora, that engages in research, consultancy, advocacy and enterprising practices for global African development.  


Our mission is to implement solution-oriented initiatives with

revenue-generating capacities for mutual advancements of Africa, the Diaspora, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) by merging and leveraging Africa-Diaspora intellectual capital and economic capabilities. 


Through our strategic partner, the African Peer Review Mechanism 

(APRM) – which is a specialized agency of the African Union (AU) – we work to provide 2-way transactional activities to create both “The Africa We Want and the 6th Region We Want” as per Agenda 2063.


“Academic-Governmental-Economic Model (AGE™ Model) for Development,” we offer unique functional frameworks for joint Africa-Diaspora engagement and productivity.

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Professor Ezrah Aharone

Ezrah Aharone is an author, public intellectual, and professor at Delaware State University where he teaches Global Societies and is the founder and executive director of the Center for Global Africa (CGA).  Aharone conceptualized the CGA as a systems-approach think tank that collaborates with industry and government partners to connect the academics of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to economies of Africa in ways that are solution oriented, revenue generating, and mutually beneficial. 

Aharone is a graduate of Hampton University with 39 years of geopolitical experience in African affairs, working as a strategist, resource person, and subject-matter expert to governments, businesses, and institutions.  

As an original thinker, Aharone’s books and syndicated columns apply the concept and consciousness of sovereignty as a universal lens to interpret the historiography and promote the self-authenticity and self-development of Africa, Africa Americans, and other Diasporan Africans.   

In this vein, Aharone’s published books include: The Sovereign Psyche: Systems of Chattel Freedom vs. Self-Authentic Freedom, (2016); Sovereign Evolution: Manifest Destiny from Civil Rights to Sovereign Rights, (2008); and Pawned Sovereignty: Sharpened Black Perspectives on Americanization, Africa, War and Reparations, 2003. 

Aharone is also a contributor to the university textbook Freedom on My Mind: A History of African Americans with Documents (2016).  He is recognized as well among “Notable Alumni” of Hampton University in Historically Black Colleges and Universities: What You Should Know by Alphonso W. Knight, Sr., (2014).

Aharone is an accomplished lecturer who is available upon request to address critical topics of importance that few Black scholars undertake, related to sovereign, global, geopolitical, Diasporic, and intellectual capital development and knowledge management for 21st-century advancement of Africa and the Sixth Region.

As a scholar who specializes in sovereign studies and employed knowledge, Aharone structured a historic 2018 partnership between the CGA and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), distinguishing the CGA as the only HBCU institution with a partnership with the African Union. 

Considering Africa’s emerging economies and opportunities related to the AU’s Agenda 2063, Aharone views his body of work as a critical and enterprising nexus to make accelerated Africa-Diaspora progress possible, while uniquely expanding the 21st-century role and relevance of HBCUs. 

For speaking engagements and consulting services please contact: or call 302 690-8407.


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